Saturday, July 13, 2013

Obama Administration in hot water?

People having been saying the "I" word now for a number of years, but is now the time to finely see real justice done for the sake of America and Americans? Has the Obama Administration gone too far this time? Surly he has fought for A----------? No I won't go that far in playing devils advocate, because it's clear to about 90% of Americans through everything Obama has done, the American people were a defendant last on his list. It's not even worth the time to pretend to be on his side, because it's been  clear through all of his actions he wants to bring this country down, and he's helping the big banks succeed in their plans that have been in the works for many years.

If people think the big banks are bad for America as well as the free west, they have no idea how much worse it will be with thousands of illegal aliens being given a free pass of amnesty, being rewarded for breaking the law to begin with, while others have been waiting years to come to this country the right way and becoming citizens. While at the same time, paving the way to allow thousands of Islamic refugees to freely come to this country and change the laws to install Sharia Law. Allowing non-Muslims to have no rights, or choices. It's either convert or be killed, and if you think it won't be so bad think again, Islam is a totalitarian way of life, Islam is NOT a religion of peace, it's a tyrannical ideology and political way of life hiding behind the name of religion.

With the pictures taken of Obama praying like a Muslim on the very day he canceled the "day of prayer" at the White House, as well as his confessions of being a Muslim, as well as him aiding and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, as well as when he claimed he knew nothing about the burning of the Embassy and the death of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and his aide Sean Smith as well as a number of other Americans were brutality killed for what most thought because of a movie clip on you tube, then we later found out the real reason.

It's absolute none sense that Obama didn't know, he's the President, he knew; to play "dumb" is not only showing how much he lacks in his office, it shows he thinks Americans are stupid and will believe what ever they are told. Well now that once again the "I" word has been spoken loudly and clearly to Congress by those that voted for them, and spoken enough times to get the attention it finely deserves, in comes Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa.) to prove he has the "balls" to step up and actually do something besides talk, and I think if more people in power followed the lead and stand behind him, this might actually be the best thing for America and Americans.


Rep Marino wants to jail administration Officials
The Examiner online 
By: Steven H Ahle
July 13, 2013

Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa.) is consulting with former prosecutors in the House and having statutes examined for ways for the House to indict administration officials in the IRS, Benghazi, reporter spying, NSA spying and other scandals in the Obama administration, because it's obvious that Eric Holder is not willing to punish offenders.

Speaking during a radio interview on Wednesday, Marino said that he is investigating ways in which the House can file criminal and civil charges against members of the administration, "up to and including the president."

"If the chief law enforcer of the country [Holder] will not enforce the law, and the president decides to break the law because he doesn’t like it, there has to be another mechanism by which we in Congress can … see if there are criminal charges we can file.” said Marino.

Sarah Wolf, Marino's spokesperson said that Marino wanted to“investigate, identify and prosecute people within the administration, up to and including the president if it comes to that,”

To date, these are the strongest threats to come out of congress. Democrats deny there are any scandals at all. They blame them all on "politics". Marino says he is not alone in wanting to hold the administration accountable.

Congress does have a mechanism to prosecute the president. In his oath of office the president swears that he will, "“I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

There is a necessarily high bar used to prove that a president has violated that oath. That is to prevent a political impeachment such as Andrew Johnson faced, after he assumed the presidency after Lincoln's assassination.

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