Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Civilized vs Civilization

When I look at people in the world today it makes me shake my head in wonderment of how could things have gotten so bad? I was raised in the 70’s, and as far as lessons being learned when growing up please, thank you, yes, no, respecting others, treating others the way you want to be treated was the lessons parents taught their children. What happen to the days of respecting your elders, and saying excuse me when walking by others? People in this country have become so rude and relentless on ignoring others as if they don’t even exist. It’s become utterly heart breaking to see children not even raised by their parents, but more over to let schools and strangers raising kids now. Why did parents lose their ability to actually raise their kids and depend on others to do their jobs? When did it become the normal to allow single parents to struggle so much, and allowing their kids to run the streets without a care in the world where they end up joining gangs, or growing up without learning manners as well as learning how to treat others? 

Today though was a definite shocker for me, and it was the first time I ever got called a cunt and slut by a man. As I got off the bus I was walking past a man, well I certainly didn’t want to walk in front of him; it seemed he was looking at something. Not to mention the way I was raised when you cross paths with someone and want to pass them and they are standing there, if there is room behind them, move that way and say excuse me. I did just that and was shocked to hear the none-sense coming out of his mouth directed at me. It was a verbal assault, and not just a “fuck you” verbal assault. This man went out of his way to insult my very ethics and sexuality, he proceeded to boast the fact that “Your not a woman, you cunt fucking bitch, your nothing but a slut, you got no life.” I just couldn’t believe the crap that was rolling out of his mouth, he wasn’t even a young man, this man had to be in his 40’s, the same age as me, he didn’t even know me, all I did was move past him behind him and say excuse me, and began to continue on my way to the store. I just couldn’t ignore him at all, and I usually do ignore people and their vocal diarrhea, but this man had gone way too far.

I turned around and defended myself against his retarded moment, after voicing what I thought about him, as well as hitting him five times, three with the book and two with a bottle of water I held, he then proceeded to run for the very next bus that happen to pull up at that time. I was livid at that moment; he started demeaning a stranger then ran after a lady defended herself. It makes me wonder just how messed up his parents were while he was growing up? In any case, I think he will keep his mouth shut the next time someone says excuse me while crossing his path, I do have to laugh at this now though. It proves some men just can’t make it in today’s world, while ladies on the other hand; don’t have to depend on men to take care of them and their reputations.

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