Friday, April 17, 2015

Paying Michelle Obama?

Ok before I start this blog I want everyone to know I nothing against this woman, besides the facts of her getting everything she wants, taking world class vacations any time she wants, and many other things she gets FOR FREE (Besides the fact that tax payers are paying for "HER WANTS").

Putting aside Barracks UN-Constitutional acts as President, this blog doesn't reflect on anything he's done thus far. However I have to ask how much guile he has in asking why his wife is not being paid?

Well could it be because

She doesn't have to pay for food.

She doesn't have to pay for shopping trips.

She doesn't have to pay for her many yearly vacations.

She doesn't have to pay for her daughters "private" school.

She doesn't have to pay for her lavish dinner parties.

She gets many many other perks for being First lady, but still this isn't enough?

As First Lady it's idealistic for her to have "hobby" types of projects, and I must say she has floundered big time over the school lunch programs in this country. I mean really would you want your kids subjected to lunches like these? While her daughters are eating far better in their private school with 3 course lunches.

In any case, it's absurd for her to want to be paid for being First lady, as well as really having no REAL reason to even complain about how she's "treated". Many other women in this country have less and get by just fine, as well as many women in this country are house wives, I don't see them getting paid.