Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The "REAL" truth about E-Cigs

In the most recent two weeks their have been many articles about the FDA filing motions to have the E-Cig banned for one reason or another, from this place or that place. However, let's take a closer look at what's really trying to be accomplished, and why the FDA is being suckered into forcing bans on something that's "proven" to work as a real quite smoking aid.

Tobacco Companies have been hell bent on making sure their sales continue, and even rise with new smokers. Even though rules and regulations have been shoved upon them from law suites as well as parent controlled organizations forcing them to no longer allow "Camel Joe" and the "Marlboro Man" no longer be allowed ads in most magazines, as well as limiting what's seen by children, and forcing higher taxes on smokers, the Tobacco Companies still seem to be pulling strings in many places, with the help of some in Congress and it now seems the FDA. Yes you read that right, the FDA is being suckered into calling the shots for the Tobacco Companies that now sees after years of the E-Cig being on the market, they now have REAL competition for sales to plummet and lose money.

By now we all know what's REALLY in a cigarette, why it causes cancer, why it forces the smoker to make it so hard to quit smoking. They allowed gum and patches on the market without a fuss, they knew those products weren't really competition. Now things have changed, now smokers have a REAL choice to either quit or find another alternative to regular cigarettes. Their bottom line has been messed with, they are losing money and turned to the FDA, knowing full well their "REAL" competition will be taken away from smokers. Once again forcing smokers to HAVE to turn back to regular cigarettes and once again raising their profits.

Once again our rights as people of this country will lose OUR choice in what we want, once again our rights as an American to have the freedom of choice are being shoved aside for the "bottom line", Americans are once again on the verge of having something we want stripped away from us. If you think this won't happen, then you need to wake up. Mess with a major Companies bottom line, they in turn make sure "we the people" are once again "shoved" to the bottom of the ladder. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with E-Cig's, except for the bottom line of Tobacco Companies, and how low their profits have become after years of E-Cigs being sold in America.

This show was aired in 2007, shortly before E-Cigs came onto the market in America, they are much more affordable now. And a lot of companies have come out with disposable E-Cigs, as well as flavored.

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