Saturday, October 19, 2013

History according to Muslims.

While I don't consider myself a religious lady, I also at the same time don't think of myself as a full blooded atheist. I believe in evolution, but I have witnessed certain unexplained events that have happen to me personally in my life. It has brought up certain questions in my life regarding such as do "Guardian Angels" really exist? While I'm sure that question will never be answered, it's made me wonder about creationism and evolution. However, that's not why I'm writing this blog. I have always been passionate about the fact of America being started as an experimental Republic, her country, and her people. Being born in 1970 I just missed out on "Woodstock", and being a child of the "Disco Era" I don't think I missed much. What I do remember most about growing up was the 80's, some people considered it the decade of rock-n-roll, drugs, and President Regan's time in office, and in 1987, ending Berlins wall with his famous line; "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

Now zipping forward in time to 2013, this country is faced with more problems then I believe we can handle. I won't go into detail about every single detail that just about disgusts every Patriotic Americans that incidentally has been labeled racists and terrorists by the left. Simply for trying to defend the country they have inherited, were born in, and have grown to love. What I will do is try to instill in you the same passion I have about foreign laws that have been slowly creeping into our countries court systems as well as foreign doctrines being imposed on Americans. I have seen a number of videos about the EDL trying to defend their country against Islamists in the UK, only to be labeled as racists and trouble makers by the leftists in their own country. While I abhorred racists of any color, and yes anybody of any color can be a racist, I took into account why the EDL were doing what they were doing. The fact is clear, Tommy Robinson has been more then accused of promoting racism, Islam isn’t a race. He has been dragged through the mud, arrested and taken to court for his belief that his own countries leaders has become too soft, and allowed Islam to dictate and subjugate his own country. He’s not a racist or a terrorist, he’s a patriot of his own country, and he’s trying to wake up his fellow countrymen and women into seeing the truth about Islam and what it has done to the UK.  

Like myself, there are thousands of American Patriots willing to stand their ground against Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood. And like myself; we Patriots are being labeled as racists and terrorists by other Americans that are blind, sleeping, or refuse to see the truth, even when it’s shoved in their faces. They either don’t want to know the truth, or too distracted to believe it, and the fact is we Patriots are tired of being fought against by our own countrymen and women. If you don’t want to stand up for your rights, then sit down, shut up, and let the Patriots fight for the rights of this country without interference. For we are the ones willing to take the blows from our enemies, but taking heat from our own countrymen and women is like a slap in Lady Liberties face, and that’s just something you as an American shouldn’t even consider. In any case, the UK, as well as other western countries has begun to show signs of Islamization because of political correctness, at one time this was a good idea. However, it turned out to be a very bad idea that’s spun out of control. And being labeled a racist over every little thing is the cause of what once might have turned out to be good for the county has now shown to be the biggest mistake to ever be undertaken.

So it was a very big surprise for me to read an event that took place October 15th of this year at a baseball stadium in CA. Where 20,000 Muslims flooded the stadium to celebrate Eid Al Adha, it turns out according to Islam Muslims claim they are celebrating Abraham’s decision not to sacrifice his son Ishmael in exchange for a ram. Now as I said, I’m not a religious lady, but when I was growing up, I did attend church and Sunday school. I know for a fact this wasn’t the correct story of Abraham showing his faith, and obedience to God in sacrificing his son Isaac. We all know though that God stopped him in time and gave him a ram to sacrifice in the name of God. So why would Muslims celebrate a Jewish event? Why would they twist something that happen thousands of years before Islam was even thought of, thousands of years before Muhammad was even born? It proves one thing, no matter how much Islamists hate Jewish and Christian people as well as hate the country of Israel, they will take any opportunity to twist history to make it their own in trying to subjugate others to their cause.

You can read the entire story here:

The domination of Islam has already happen in the UK and other western countries, and now it’s begun to rear it’s ugly head here in America, many Muslims have been in this country for years and years, and not one time has anybody ever mention this so called “Muslim celebration” So why is it only now being mentioned? Simple, for the same reason why the UK and other countries have become Islamized; they have grown in numbers, enough to begin a power struggle against Patriotic Americans because the leftist, bleeding hearts Americans that live by political correctness have aided their cause of wanting to spread Islam around the entire world to subjugate and dominate every corner of the globe. I can’t force anybody to see the truth by pointing a gun to their heads, I can only point out facts as I have read, heard, and seen them. Muslims have begun to get embolden, frivolous lawsuits, demands of menu changes in our childrens schools, animals slaughtered in such an inhumane way for Halal meats at festivals and restaurants, the beginning of no go zones for non-Muslims, and let us not forget Dearborn MI. An entire city so overrun by Muslims they have bought the police force and city Judges to ensure Sharia Law be instilled even against Americans and the Constitution.

I implore you to research this yourself; to wake up to the truth of what’s happening to this country has already happened to the UK and other western countries. I implore you to share this blog with others you know that need to wake up to the truth. I implore you to wake up and support what this country should never become. Let us never forget why this country was founded, let us never forget what this countries people have fought for time and time again to ensure all of our “Lives, Liberties, and Pursuits of Happiness”. For if we do nothing but continue to feed on the yolk of political correctness, and enjoy being spoon fed lies from the corrupt politicians, we will wake up to a day this country is forced into Islamization, and nothing else will matter then; For it will be one day too late to try and keep this Country free.


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