Thursday, October 24, 2013

Foodstamps vs Patriotism

By now we all know what happen when the food stamp program had a “glitch” earlier this month, but some feel it was actually a “dry run” to see what people on food stamps will do if they no longer have food stamps. Now people are claiming riots will happen if they do cut food stamps off in November; however I feel that won’t happen. The Democrats will be cutting their own “political” throats and lose thousands, if not millions of votes for mid-term elections. In any case I find it funny how the first thing out of peoples mouths are “riot if we don’t get food stamps”, really now, riot if you don’t get food stamps? What happen to doing other, more civilized things to get food? Such as bartering, opting to do a little work for “food” and not booze? Why such an out cry over something you have no real control over? People that have come to depend on food stamps and not themselves have prostituted themselves for the Government, yes you read that right, those that “live off” the welfare and food stamps have become prostitutes to the Government. You would rather take hand outs then live a more pride filled life, being proud of your accomplishments and not living on hand outs is a more productive way of living. Yet it seems we have forgotten what being “American” means, we have forgotten all the hard work people of the past have accomplished by working hard and refusing to live off the Government hand outs. We have forgotten there was a time in America welfare and food stamps didn’t exist, and it was either work for your food, or starve to death.

Now that I have touched base with such a “sensitive” subject I feel I have your full attention and can get to the point of this posting, its about pride in humanity. Most people in this country are only worried about themselves and what belongs to them, as well as whom they are related to. While I live my life to the best I can, to me family is most important, but I still have empathy towards humanity and others in this world. We have become a nation of “its all about me and what I can get” and strayed away from “every American is worth it”. So when I read stories about how Americans are mistreated, abused, kidnapped, and even killed on our own sovereign soil, as well as in foreign countries I have to ask myself where is the out cry and threat of rioting for that cause?

12 y/o Girl's Attempted Abduction for Sex by 2 Middle Eastern Soldiers in Missouri & Why They May Get Off

Muslim Gang Brutally Beats US Student Bloody in London

These are just two recent stories of how we as a nation have become lacked in our convictions of “We won’t go quietly into the night”. We have become a nation of dependency and greediness for ourselves; we have lost sight in caring for any American at any cost.  Where is the outcry and threat of riot for Americans being abused, kidnapped, mistreated, or even killed? Have we forgotten all the abuse this country has received since 9-11? What about our men and women in the armed forces that are being subjected to being brain washed into believing not talking about Islam will make it go away? Islam will not go away until all of America stands up and stops living off the Governments hand outs and lies and finely take a stand against this “religious totalitarian ideology”; and now with members of the Muslim Brotherhood in political positions in the White House they are making it very easy to strip our rights from us, and allow the Muslim Brotherhood entry into this country without even firing a single shot. They are the real enemy that are distracting all of us into fighting with each other, depending on hand outs, betting the latest tech gadget, and not taking a stand for America and Americans, ALL AMERICANS.


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