Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wake up America, Islam is closer then you think.

Do you think a day will come when this country has two set's of courts?

One following the Constitution of the United States, and one following a holy book from a foreign land.

Do you think a day will come when some cities have no go zones?

In the United Kingdom even police are scared to go into certain neighborhoods.

Do you think a day will come when your not free to go church on Sunday? 

In the past other countries that were mostly Christen in nature, were invaded and those Christens killed simply because they weren't Muslims.

The time has come America, stop being sheep, stop living with your heart on your sleep. Have empathy for others, but have no mercy for those trying to change this country into an Islamic state. This video is a MUST watch, I ask you to watch the entire video, to learn the TRUTH about Muslims and what their true plans are for this country.

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