Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Is it Islamophobia when it's the truth?

Pat Condell speaks volumes of truth when it comes to Radical Muslims, but how can Radical Muslims call it Islamophobia when we are simply feeding them back the truth of what they are? I mean really when was it ok for a group of men that HATE the western culture to basically damn us for living and being free? We have earned the right to live and be free, so why then does the Government allow this farce to continue? Why is our Government so weak to take a stand? When did standing up for our RIGHTS go the way of dinosaurs? It's clear they don't respect us, and the more we play along their games, the more we lose. It's time for the Government to stand up, take a stand, have some guts, and tell them to sit down and shut up if you don't like our laws, and if you can't live under American Laws, then get the FUCK out of our country and stop trying to take over, one law suite or one protest against burning the Quran at a time.  

It's time for Americans to stand up, burn their flags, and tell them to stop making demands and forcing this country to bend over backwards to placate your will, it's time to for Americans to force our laws onto immigrants that refuse to acclimate themselves to our laws and be happy they were allowed into this country to begin with. It's time for Americans to take back this country, and show both the Government and those Radical Muslims that this is America, and we don't take shit from anybody without a fight. That includes having our guns banned, one type at a time, to allowing Mosques to be built on such heart holy ground where so many AMERICANS lost their lives because Radical Muslims hate our way of life.

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